Menoni Metalli

Recupero e commercio di metalli
At Menoni Metalli Srl, we have over 30 years of market experience and have established a solid reputation both in Italy and abroad - both for our committed and long-lasting working relationships with our customers and for our quality products.

Our main specialisation is in recycling and trading non-ferrous metals, and in metalworking.

We supply some of Northern Italy's leading drawing mills and foundries.
The company's registered office is at San Zeno Naviglio, in the province of Brescia. Call us on 030.266293 - we will be ready to meet any requirement you may have.

Punto Metalli

Punto Metalli
Punto Metalli srl was established in 2006 as Menoni Metalli's sister company, and specialises in wholesale trading of non-ferrous raw and semi-worked metals.

We are rising to this new challenge with our usual high level of commitment.

Our target is being able to provide a complete service that meets all our customers' demands.